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Wholesale seed beads

For the purchase of larger quantities of seed beads you are exactly at the right place. Snowfall Beads offers you a wide range of seed beads. On our website you can order these small beads easily and safely for a great price.

Embroidery beads

Seed beads are also often called embroidery beads. As the name implies, they are perfectly suited for embroidery. Because they are so small, they can be used for stringing, weaving and making jewelry as well. Seed beads are lightweight and as a result very suitable for making earrings and rings.

Miyuki seed beads

Naturally Snowfall Beads has seed beads of Miyuki, well-known for its excellent quality, in its range too. Miyuki beads of a specific size all have exactly the same measurements. Miyuki seed beads are therefore perfect for making precise creations. The measurements of the seed beads are clearly stated on the product page on our website. In addition, many beads also have a special seed bead size, such as 15/0 or 11/0. The higher the number before the /0, the smaller the bead.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Seed beads

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www.snowfall-beads.com - Miyuki Long Magatama glass seed beads 4x7mm LMA-420 (360 pcs.) - E00168
Miyuki Long Magatama glass seed beads 4x7mm LMA-420 (360 pcs.) - E00168 Opaque White Luster Per 50 gram
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